Strands of Time and Magic is a standalone story.  I am currently working on a sequel that will be set in the same world and include many of the characters from “Strands of Time and Magic.”

Magic is dangerous. Being a charmer is deadly…

Concealing her modest magical abilities, which brand her as a reviled charmer, the headstrong Brylee lives in fear of exposure. If her abilities are discovered, she could be banished from the town or, worse, fall victim to merciless mages eager to drain her power and leave her for dead.

The threat she does not foresee is a physical attack. To survive, she must harness her magic.

Now, the secret of Brylee’s magic is out, and she is forced to flee. One mage offers salvation to her family and their farm. His price? A deadly mission – she must hunt down the Red Assassin.

But her quest, step by step, will bring her into conflict with a far greater evil…


An excellent debut novel with a time-travel twist that offers a fresh take on the fantasy genre.– Kevin Miller, award-winning filmmaker and author

Book Two is under construction.

Target release date is fall 2024.