About Andrew

Born in England, I emigrated to Canada with my two children and now live in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

My initial career was in technology; a realm akin to magic with its ability to make lives better (and worse). It has mystery, a language few can master, and often fails us just when we need it most. It’s no surprise to me that many who revel in fantasy are drawn from the ranks of technology.

I am a view junkie and am drawn to places where I can imagine being an explorer discovering them for the first time. It’s why I became a pilot. People-watching is also one of my favourite hobbies. I try to understand how our minds, perceptions, and emotions work. The hundreds of hours of podcasts and papers I devour don’t make me a psychology expert, but they have helped me develop the characters that act out the book’s plot.

Oh, and I am tormented by cheese. I love cheese.